Protect your whole body with the Organic shea butter

Hydration is vital to maintaining organic functions at an optimum level. More than 75 percent of our body is made up of vital liquids with blood and mucous membranes, fatty acids and other components that contribute to our remaining healthy. When we expose our organism to aggressive environmental factors such as strong winds, excessive sun, ultra violet rays without protection, these absorb all the moisture from our skin causing a deterioration of the cells and a dry and aged opaque appearance. When this happens we must resort to different forms of recovery, some take effect from the inside as for example the hydration by consumption of electrolytes and a lot of liquid, and others also very important that also have a comforting and protective agent such as creams, gel, oils and other substances that we can apply directly to our skin.

One of the best products you should know is the Organic shea butter of SainsPareil Naturals, able to replenish all moisture, elasticity, tone and shine that your skin has lost. This wonderful formula of Organic shea buttercontains stearic fatty acid and oleic fatty acid, acids that our skin produces naturally, so it helps its re-composition quickly. Its absorption is extremely fast and leaves no sensation or greasy appearance. It can be used daily, at any time of the day or night, in a preventive or corrective manner. It can also be combined with other oils to enhance its function as sunscreen.
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